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STIG for Debian


This script is used to check DISA STIG(Security Technical Implementation Guides) for Debian 9 Porting from DISA RHEL 7 STIG V1 R1
Benchmark Date: 27 Feb 2017


It has been a long time since we have updated STIG for Debian's framework. I think it's time to upgrade for the release of Debian 9 stable.

HTML report output supported

For easy to read reports, we decided to output to HTML as the primary (and for now, only) option.

Thanks to the author zavoloklom for the HTML table template


# bash -h

usage: [options]

  -s    Start checking and output repot in html format.
  -v    Display version
  -h    Display help

Default report is output in current directory(STIG-for-Debian-*.html)

STIG for Debian Compliance Checking Tools (v2.0)

Ported from DISA RHEL 7 STIG

Run on the GNOME desktop environment


Details of the report output


Overview of the report output


How to get involved

This is a new framework release only. Not many check rules have been ported from DISA RHEL 7 STIG yet.

We (and you) will fill it up soon.

How to add check rule:

  1. Create a new check script file in the scripts directory for the new check rule and implementation.
  2. Move new check rule description to stig-debian.txt.
  3. Call the check script file in, as follows:
bash scripts/${new-check-rule-script}.sh >/dev/null 2>&1 &
spinner $!
output "SV-id_rule" $?

How to delete a check rule:

  1. Delete check rule description from stig-debian.txt.
  2. Delete the check script file in the scripts directory.
  3. Delete calls the check script line in


bash scripts/ >/dev/null 2>&1 &
spinner $!
output "SV-86561r1_rule" $?

In this code snippet, we using a script name to check nullok in system-auth-ac and use exit status to determine the results of the check:

spinner $! is a small function for administrator to feel this script is running ;)

output "SV-86561r1_rule" $? using output function to output.

When the script is ported, note that the original text is from DISA RHEL 7 STIG. If some rule is RHEL 7 specific, you should use a corresponding check method in Debian and update the textfile stig-debian.txt.

If you encounter some rule that you cannot easily write a small script to check. You can put this rule in manual.txt.


In the statics directory is a script that can extract the information we need from offcial STIG XML file, such as 'U_Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux_7_STIG_V1R1_Manual-xccdf.xml'. The original text file stig-debian.txt is copy of stig-rhel-7.txt. How to easily update STIG for Debian textfile when the offcial RHEL 7 STIG changes is under discussion.

Special Note:

SELinux-related items (not matched):

  • SV-86663r1_rule
  • SV-86695r2_rule
  • SV-86759r3_rule
  • SV-86761r3_rule
  • SV-86763r3_rule
  • SV-86765r3_rule
  • SV-86595r1_rule
  • SV-86615r2_rule

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