random scripts
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sin 3224e4733f
Create basedir
3 years ago
2f30-mail-cfg Add mbox to default list 5 years ago
divert program to introduce delay/packet loss in the networking stack 7 years ago
mpdutil Album art mpd client and merge with mpdlen 8 years ago
puffy Fuck bc and use perl, lowercase hex is cleaner, correct gray mask 9 years ago
random Remove allocators, they live in separator repos 9 years ago
see Fix typo 9 years ago
selfboot Include ISO LBA fixer tool by DeXT 7 years ago
sids Move sids to sids/ 9 years ago
surf F{ix.uck} youtube. Again. 9 years ago
taginfo Print more info with dash a 9 years ago
weechat-scripts weechat scripts 9 years ago
2f30-clone-all 2f30-clone-all: Check for curl and git installation 4 years ago
2f30-vpn Create basedir 3 years ago
4chanfetch Fix for new namespace changes 9 years ago
auphone Set +x on scripts 9 years ago
autoinstallate script to modify an OpenBSD bsd.rd to include an auto_install or auto_upgrade file 4 years ago
banddump Fixes in comments 9 years ago
blackholedns Default to a rebase instead of a merge 9 years ago
burndisc mostly style fixes, header comments and dependencies 9 years ago
busybox-initramfs Use /bin/bash instead of /bin/sh 9 years ago
cleanlibs Add cleanlibs for OpenBSD 8 years ago
colordump Set +x on scripts 9 years ago
cryptovol Initial commit of cryptovol. 6 years ago
cvspast Naming consistency 9 years ago
daemon spacing fixes 9 years ago
domusl Remove -e and fix indentation 9 years ago
dvolume Change volume using dmenu and volume script. 6 years ago
dyndns-update Add dyndns-update script 5 years ago
encode encode or re-encode audio files, useful command line cd ripping 9 years ago
epubtohtml.pl Removed useless comments 9 years ago
favsync Set +x on scripts 9 years ago
fetch-spf Add fetch-spf script 6 years ago
filenametag.pl Add filenametag.pl 9 years ago
fk FuzzyKill: find-and-kill, fuzzy style 6 years ago
git-update-all Prefix messages with repo name 8 years ago
gogithub removing my idiotic linuxism of unlink in favor of rm 8 years ago
imgurup Allow instant screenshot uploads without temporary files 8 years ago
install-stumpwm Updated repository link. 4 years ago
itor Change default host to destiny 9 years ago
ix sprunge is dead, use ix 5 years ago
medialen Media file duration using mplayer script 9 years ago
mkcdtoc my audio cd creation script 9 years ago
mksub style, fault tollerance, readability 9 years ago
mpdtoggle hard play/stop toggle (not pause) for the mpd (uses netcat, not mpc) 9 years ago
mplayerst Add `mplayerst' 9 years ago
mycosmos mostly style fixes, header comments and dependencies 9 years ago
p add paste script 4 years ago
perley better string handling for df 9 years ago
phonedump mostly style fixes, header comments and dependencies 9 years ago
playvid move to youtube-dl, the video proto hack 9 years ago
post-receive Add post-receive script for our git repos 8 years ago
q3d Add q3d 8 years ago
qemu-arm-chroot qemu-arm-chroot: use absolute path of `sh' 9 years ago
qemu2hdd Add qemu2hdd 9 years ago
radio Use tabs 8 years ago
rename rename script added 9 years ago
ro-openbsd Bump up size of /var mfs 6 years ago
sct.c add sct - set color temperature by tedu 7 years ago
sct.sh Change temp for bright. 6500 -> 5500 5 years ago
sendtext wrapper for mycosmos that handles a phonebook csv 9 years ago
smenu.sh Parse ssh hosts through fzf and pass to xargs/ssh 5 years ago
ssh-multi 1 to 2 not 2 to 1 9 years ago
stripjpeg Fix redirection 9 years ago
sysbuild sysbuild: Simplify kernel selection 5 years ago
tagstrip.sed Add web page script tag remover by tsakos 9 years ago
topdf mostly style fixes, header comments and dependencies 9 years ago
translate style fixes, use environment variables for languages 9 years ago
unpk mostly style fixes, header comments and dependencies 9 years ago
utubify Set +x on scripts 9 years ago
volume I created a new function for displaying the current volume level and print it out if you enter a correct or incorrect value. 4 years ago
wavtomp3 identation fix. 9 years ago
wireless.sh Simple script for managing wireless interface 9 years ago
ytfetch Do not stop on errors 9 years ago
ytgrep rewording json output from id to url for the video content 6 years ago
zoneblock Rename script 6 years ago