A general purpose ESP32 IOT board for the Apple IIe

Updated 2 months ago

Updated 4 years ago

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Updated 7 years ago

failing java instrumentation poc minimally based on research from https://github.com/saqib-ahmed/javab-agent

Updated 10 months ago

The materials to accompany process injection blogs found on https://mayer.cool/

Updated 4 months ago

mss / re3
C++ 0 0

re3/reVC/reLCS untouched right before github nukery

Updated 6 months ago

Fully disables & removes Windows Defender

Updated 8 months ago

Unspotify is a project that removes advertising, restrictions in the Spotify client on Windows that exist if you do not have a premium.

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Updated 3 weeks ago

A plugin for x64dbg that can copy RVA from unknown memory pages

Updated 5 months ago