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package ifupdown
import "errors"
var (
ErrInvalidAddress = errors.New("invalid address")
ErrInvalidMask = errors.New("invalid mask")
ErrInvalidBroadcast = errors.New("invalid broadcast")
ErrInvalidGateway = errors.New("invalid gateway")
ErrInvalidAddressVersion = errors.New("invalid address version")
ErrAddressSetWhenDHCP = errors.New("address set when DHCP enabled")
ErrAddressNotSetStatic = errors.New("address not set with static config")
ErrMaskNotSetStatic = errors.New("mask not set with static config")
ErrAdressNotLoopback = errors.New("address must be loopback when config is loopback")
ErrInterfaceHasErrors = errors.New("interface has errors")
ErrUnallocatedInterface = errors.New("unallocated interface")
ErrInvalidIfaceData = errors.New("invalid interface data provided")
ErrMultipleInterfaces = errors.New("multiple interfaces in data provided")