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package prox5
import (
// SwampStatus represents the current state of our Swamp.
type SwampStatus uint32
const (
// Running means the proxy pool is currently taking in proxys and validating them, and is available to dispense proxies.
Running SwampStatus = iota
// Paused means the proxy pool has been with Swamp.Pause() and may be resumed with Swamp.Resume()
// New means the proxy pool has never been started.
// Start starts our proxy pool operations. Trying to start a running Swamp will return an error.
func (s *Swamp) Start() error {
if s.Status.Load().(SwampStatus) != New {
return s.Resume()
return nil
Pause will cease the creation of any new proxy validation operations.
* You will be able to start the proxy pool again with Swamp.Resume(), it will have the same Statistics, options, and ratelimits.
* During pause you are still able to dispense proxies.
* Options may be changed and proxy lists may be loaded when paused.
* Pausing an already paused Swamp is a nonop.
func (s *Swamp) Pause() error {
if !s.IsRunning() {
return errors.New("not running")
return nil
func (s *Swamp) startDaemons() {
go s.mapBuilder()
go s.jobSpawner()
for {
if s.IsRunning() {
// Resume will resume pause proxy pool operations, attempting to resume a running Swamp is returns an error.
func (s *Swamp) Resume() error {
if s.IsRunning() {
return errors.New("already running")
s.ctx, s.quit = context.WithCancel(context.Background())
return nil