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package prox5
import (
var (
useDebugChannel = false
debugChan chan string
debugMutex *sync.RWMutex
func init() {
debugMutex = &sync.RWMutex{}
// DebugChannel will return a channel which will receive debug messages once debug is enabled.
// This will alter the flow of debug messages, they will no longer print to console, they will be pushed into this channel.
// Make sure you pull from the channel eventually to avoid build up of blocked goroutines.
func (s *Swamp) DebugChannel() chan string {
debugChan = make(chan string, 1000000)
useDebugChannel = true
return debugChan
// DebugEnabled returns the current state of our debug switch.
func (s *Swamp) DebugEnabled() bool {
return s.swampopt.debug.Load().(bool)
// DisableDebugChannel redirects debug messages back to the console.
// DisableProxyChannel does not disable debug, use DisableDebug().
func (s *Swamp) DisableDebugChannel() {
defer debugMutex.Unlock()
useDebugChannel = false
// EnableDebug enables printing of verbose messages during operation
func (s *Swamp) EnableDebug() {
// DisableDebug enables printing of verbose messages during operation.
// WARNING: if you are using a DebugChannel, you must read all of the messages in the channel's cache or this will block.
func (s *Swamp) DisableDebug() {
func (s *Swamp) dbgPrint(str string) {
if !s.swampopt.debug.Load().(bool) {
if useDebugChannel {
select {
case debugChan <- str:
println("prox5 overflow: " + str)
println("prox5: " + str)