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package prox5
import (
// GetProto safely retrieves the protocol value of the Proxy.
func (sock *Proxy) GetProto() string {
return sock.Proto.Load().(string)
// GetProto safely retrieves the protocol value of the Proxy.
func (sock *Proxy) String() string {
tout := ""
if sock.parent.GetServerTimeoutStr() != "-1" {
tout = fmt.Sprintf("?timeout=%ss", sock.parent.GetServerTimeoutStr())
return fmt.Sprintf("socks%s://%s%s", sock.GetProto(), sock.Endpoint, tout)
// GetStatistics returns all current statistics.
// * This is a pointer, do not modify it!
func (s *Swamp) GetStatistics() *Statistics {
return s.Stats
// RandomUserAgent retrieves a random user agent from our list in string form.
func (s *Swamp) RandomUserAgent() string {
return randStrChoice(s.swampopt.userAgents)
// GetRandomEndpoint returns a random whatismyip style endpoint from our Swamp's options
func (s *Swamp) GetRandomEndpoint() string {
return randStrChoice(s.swampopt.checkEndpoints)
// GetStaleTime returns the duration of time after which a proxy will be considered "stale".
func (s *Swamp) GetStaleTime() time.Duration {
return s.swampopt.stale.Load().(time.Duration)
// GetValidationTimeout returns the current value of validationTimeout.
func (s *Swamp) GetValidationTimeout() time.Duration {
return s.swampopt.validationTimeout.Load().(time.Duration)
// GetValidationTimeoutStr returns the current value of validationTimeout (in seconds string).
func (s *Swamp) GetValidationTimeoutStr() string {
timeout := s.swampopt.validationTimeout.Load().(time.Duration)
return strconv.Itoa(int(timeout / time.Second))
// GetServerTimeout returns the current value of serverTimeout.
func (s *Swamp) GetServerTimeout() time.Duration {
return s.swampopt.serverTimeout.Load().(time.Duration)
// GetServerTimeoutStr returns the current value of serverTimeout (in seconds string).
func (s *Swamp) GetServerTimeoutStr() string {
timeout := s.swampopt.serverTimeout.Load().(time.Duration)
if timeout == time.Duration(0) {
return "-1"
return strconv.Itoa(int(timeout / time.Second))
// GetMaxWorkers returns maximum amount of workers that validate proxies concurrently. Note this is read-only during runtime.
func (s *Swamp) GetMaxWorkers() int {
return s.pool.Cap()
// IsRunning returns true if our background goroutines defined in daemons.go are currently operational
func (s *Swamp) IsRunning() bool {
return atomic.LoadInt32(&s.runningdaemons) == 2
// GetRecyclingStatus retrieves the current recycling status, see EnableRecycling.
func (s *Swamp) GetRecyclingStatus() bool {
return s.swampopt.recycle.Load().(bool)
// GetWorkers retrieves pond worker statistics:
// * return MaxWorkers, RunningWorkers, IdleWorkers
func (s *Swamp) GetWorkers() (maxWorkers, runningWorkers, idleWorkers int) {
return s.pool.Cap(), s.pool.Running(), s.pool.Free()
// GetRemoveAfter retrieves the removeafter policy, the amount of times a recycled proxy is marked as bad until it is removed entirely.
// * returns -1 if recycling is disabled.
func (s *Swamp) GetRemoveAfter() int {
if !s.swampopt.recycle.Load().(bool) {
return -1
return s.swampopt.removeafter.Load().(int)
// GetDialerBailout retrieves the dialer bailout policy. See SetDialerBailout for more info.
func (s *Swamp) GetDialerBailout() int {
return s.swampopt.dialerBailout.Load().(int)