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# Gamehacking-Archive
Gamehacking Archive (1995 ~ 2005)
EFNET #gamehacking
Gamehacking Archive @ GHA Offline Version
by Razali Rambli @ ßié |
Updated By Demented |
Gamehacking Archive @ GHA Online Version
by ^chaos^
# The Best Gamehacker
you woke in a sunny day
and jump in the chair to play.
start the game and load a save
and you say in mind : <<let's rave !>>
but you can't bypass a boss
all you see is : "you have lost"
red and pissed you couldn't play,
you go search cheats for the game.
but what you could find is : nothing !
and that monster is still laughing...
<< argh >> you say, << this isn't fair !
i can't beat him in his lair ! >>
then you go to school - good boy
drained of life, without no joy
a friend stops his words at you
having the same problem, too...
but he said he knew a way
teaching you to make your day.
getting back home from the school,
having TSearch as new tool.
this TSearch is like a finder,
helpful when you catch the "gangster"
that's making your life a mess.
acting wisely and not guess...
you're now home... you ran the way
feeling in shape in that day.
as soon as you're in your chair,
you feel water drops in hair...
start up TSearch, then choose game
nothing here you have to say...
write down the value you want -
it's as easy as a charm.
select byte-type, and press find
lot of addresses will shine
after that, back to the play
shoot the monster in your way
what's the thing that can be next ?
pause the game will be the best.
then it comes the same routine :
alt+tab in the TSearch's screen !
type in there the newest number,
since the wanted is now less.
and press next - you'll see the progress
2-3 addresses should struggle...
illuzions are in your head
you don't know which one to choose -
like a little baby goose
in front of the milk and bread...
everything's unclear for you
all is darkness, all you see
"shadows move where light should be"
and your mind don't have a clue.
but something comes from the sky
like a magic bowl of light
then it steps out of your sight
and your wet hair becomes dry...
yes, that is the inspiration
holy power blessed on us,
helps on what you want to pass
by the nature of it's creation.
and now you say to yourself :
<< why didn't i think of it ?
play around a little bit
with the addresses and health ! >>
from now on you think more clearly
seeing with the cells of mind
because your eyes are still blind
not knowing what's far, nor nearly...
and because of that you stop.
poking random numbers might
turn the game into a flight
from where nothing will be pop...
you decide to try once more
hoping this time will be better,
'cause for game it doesn't matter
you are pressed by time's huge floor.
as soon as you're back to game
shooting fire after fire,
throwing knives and cut the wire -
you'll hurt the monster again.
switching back now to your friend
seeing what you did is right
you roar with the lion's might :
<< in the hell you will be send !! >>
so, you find the correct place
and by instinct you poke zero
turning you into a hero,
blowing the monster in space...
filled with joy is all your heart,
happy time and inner trust !
watching back into your past
realise hacking's an art...
from that tiny moment on
all the games you'll ever play
on your desk arranged will stay
waiting gamer - but he's gone...
yes, he's gone and won't come back...
instead there will be a hack.
and not Kevin, Mat, John, Jack,
nor Michelle, Paul, Roy or Black.
lifeless robot now you are
without any human feeling
cheating's all that you are willing
bowing to the hacking star...
minutes, hours, days were passing
you work hard without relaxing...
in short time there will you be -
hacking bullets, mana, money !
everything that can be hacked
in your little brain is packed...
then you start to read some tuts
teaching how to speed the boots,
how to break through metal walls
and to throw the cannon balls...
then you read about new tools,
considered expensive jewless.
you went get'em right away
preparing yourself to "play"...
examining one by one,
thinking this will bring more fun !
amoung them it is SoftIce
a debugger they had said
used to be the chief, the head
in catching\backtrace the dice...
but for wearing this grand jewel
and to find the wanted place
you need to practice for days
'cause it doesn't like the foul !
you start practicing... OK...
venturing in cracking's wood
you find there a realm so rud,
that you don't quite feel to stay...
but you want to be the best
and SoftIce it is a must.
so you start by breathing dust,
in your little, tiny chest.
after you became an "icer",
after tones of cracked examples,
after learning breaking samples,
you find out SoftIce's view nicer...
but this route to cracking's world
not just made you SoftIce's master
but your mind's now thinking faster,
realize : << SoftIce is gold !>>
also, the tools didn't stop...
so well-known in realm of cracking -
Hacker's View on you is watching
guiding you to be in top...
another friend you had made
it is called WinDasm, i think.
dissasembles in a blink
every program, on the plate.
yes, you're now feeling the power
cracking world was very funny
but you want to "load" the journey
in hacking, from where you were...
you are more relaxed right now...
Hacker's View, WinDasm, SoftIce
are there to help you to rize
and to strike the shaddows down...
so you take one random game
for testing the newest tools
then you scream << those cool tools rulez !>>
and in that day you're insane...
your feelings are comming back,
you're playing the games with passion.
but you soon fall for the fashion,
transforming all into hack...
you are ill of this "hack life"
the dissease don't have a cure
the game's hacked - that is for sure
but everything's black and white...
after that you find a trainer
for a game you hacked before
testing it and test some more,
you decide you were a lamer...
but why's that ? how had this been ?
you had done more advanced hacks,
but you're blaming on your acts
'cause your work cannot be seen...
so you're hunting now the fame
what good if you are the best
if you're not known by the rest ?
then you release tons of trainers,
you're well known to all the people
everything is now more simple !
you can flirt with hacking's majors.
years were passing over you
without feeling changing-wind
sing and hacking, hack and sing
<< i'm one of the best, yahoooo !>>
that was true, nothing to say
but according to your thinking,
to be well-known you were willing !
now and forever that way...
here you did the big mistake
instead of writing hack ways
you've just made trainers in place
and all the fame was a fake...
all the trainers that you've written
for a favorite public game
when that game had lost it's name,
your creation was forgotten...
soon you'll have yourself a life
a wife and maybe some kids
hacking don't belong your needs
and it's throwed the forget-dice...
and the nasty thing of life
is that this cannot be hacked
it's a kind of a huge stack
and push\pops belong to dice...
and this thing cannot be touched
WinDasm, Hacker's View can't help
and the rolling dice can melt
even mighty SoftIce's bright !
then you'll look back in the past
nostalgy will rize in mind
realising you were blind,
you'll pray you won't be the last...
and you're not, i can tell you
in the day you'll pass the throne
another kid will be born
choosing the hacking path, too.
day by day as he'll be grown
he wishes to become the best -
and like you, won't be the last
and so on... and so on...
-Prof. Dr. Sorin
"De-oi urma sã scriu în versuri, teamã mi-e ca nu cumva
Oamenii din ziua de-astãzi sã mã-nceap-a lãuda.
Dacã port cu usurintã si cu zâmbet a lor urã,
Laudele lor desigur m-ar mâhni peste mãsurã"
-Mihai Eminescu