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This page is for server administrators and those folks who like to run their own Server Centre (SSC). Running your own SSC allows you to offer root-servers to other users.

If this is not what you want and you just like to get a root-shell on your own server then please go to or try our demo deployment:

ssh # the password is 'segfault'

Deploy a Server Centre:

git clone --depth 1 && \
cd segfault && \
export SF_SEED="$(head -c 1024 /dev/urandom | tr -dc '[:alpha:]' | head -c 32)" && \
echo "SF_SEED=${SF_SEED}" && \

To start execute:

SF_BASEDIR="$(pwd)" SF_SSH_PORT=2222 sfbin/sf up

Take a look at provision/env.example for a sample .env file.

The limits and constraints for all root servers are configured in config/etc/sf/sf.conf. It is possible to relax limits per individual root server by creating a file in config/db/db-<LID>/limits.conf. The is the ID of the server (type echo $SF_LID when logged in to the server). Alternatively it is possible to get the LID from the Root Server's name: cat config/db/hn/hn2lid-<SF_HOSTNAME>.


Provisioning turns a freshly created Linux (a bare minimum Installation) into a SSC. It's how we 'ready' a newly launched AWS Instance for SSC deployment. You likely dont ever need this but we wrote it down anyway.


SFUI is a companion project created by @messede-degod. It provides a 'Remote Desktop' (X11/Gnome) to your Root Server. It is run as a Cloud Service by the community. Try it!

Telegram: Twitter: