Collection of various WINAPI tricks / features used or abused by Malware
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Merge pull request #7 from 3xp0rt/patch-4
2 months ago
DeleteFileAlt Update DeleteFileAltW.c 12 months ago
Error Handling Corrections 6 months ago
GetCurrentDirectoryAlt Update GetCurrentDirectoryAltW.c 12 months ago
GetCurrentWindowTextAlt Create GetCurrentWindowTextAltA.c 12 months ago
GetEnvironmentVariableAlt mov + add 6 months ago
GetInMemoryModulePath Update GetInMemoryModulePathA.c 12 months ago
GetSystemWindowsDirectoryAlt Create GetSystemWindowsDirectoryAltA.c 12 months ago
IsPathValid Update IsPathValidA.c 12 months ago
CheckRemoteDebuggerPresentAlt.c Create CheckRemoteDebuggerPresentAlt.c 11 months ago
GetCurrentLocale.c Create GetCurrentLocale.c 2 months ago
GetCurrentProcessAlt.c Update and rename GetHandleToSelf.c to GetCurrentProcessAlt.c 12 months ago
GetCurrentProcessIdAlt.c Update GetCurrentProcessIdAlt.c 12 months ago
GetCurrentThreadAlt.c Create GetCurrentThreadAlt.c 11 months ago
GetOSVersion.c Update and rename GetOSVersion to GetOSVersion.c 2 months ago
GetProcessHeapAlt.c Create GetProcessHeapAlt.c 2 months ago
GetTickCount.c GetTickCount 12 months ago