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Cyber Threat Intelligence Data and Analysis

Our unique Cyber Threat Intelligence aims to determine the ongoing research of APT actors to anticipiate their acitivities.


Activity Monitoring

A broad activity monitoring is used to determine the actions by actors. Observing exploit markets on the Darknet, discussions of vulnerabilities on mailinglists, and social media exchanges makes it possible to identify planned attacks.

Geopolitical Analysis

The CTI team is mapping structures of countries and their relationships to identify tensions and possible attack scenarios.


We provide a wide variety of indicators like campaigns, country associations, IOC (Indicator of Compromise), TTP (Tactics, Techniques, Procedures), IOA (Indicator of Attack), and external sources.

Predictive Capabilities

Due to our unique AI-based system we are able to provide predictive indicators. These are indicators which are not yet used in attacks but might be used by the specific actors. This helps to anticipate and mitigate attacks very eary.

The unique VulDB CTI model to predict activities and indicators