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Version: 2.0.402

Developer: smelly__vx

The VX-API is a collection of malicious functionality to aid in malware development. It is recommended you clone and/or download this entire repo then open the Visual Studio solution file to easily explore functionality and concepts.

Some functions may be dependent on other functions present within the solution file. Using the solution file provided here will make it easier to identify which other functionality and/or header data is required.

You're free to use this in any manner you please. You do not need to use this entire solution for your malware proof-of-concepts or Red Team engagements. Strip, copy, paste, delete, or edit this projects contents as much as you'd like.

List of features

Function Name Original Author Section
ByteArrayToCharArray smelly__vx String Conversion
CharArrayToByteArray smelly__vx String Conversion
ShlwapiCharStringToWCharString smelly__vx String Conversion
ShlwapiWCharStringToCharString smelly__vx String Conversion
CharStringToWCharString smelly__vx String Conversion
WCharStringToCharString smelly__vx String Conversion
RtlInitEmptyUnicodeString ReactOS Windows Unicode Structure
RtlInitUnicodeString ReactOS Windows Unicode Structure
CaplockString simonc String Manipulation
CopyMemoryEx ReactOS String Manipulation
SecureStringCopy Apple (c) 1999 String Manipulation
StringCompare Apple (c) 1999 String Manipulation
StringConcat Apple (c) 1999 String Manipulation
StringCopy Apple (c) 1999 String Manipulation
StringFindSubstring Apple (c) 1999 String Manipulation
StringLength Apple (c) 1999 String Manipulation
StringLocateChar Apple (c) 1999 String Manipulation
StringRemoveSubstring smelly__vx String Manipulation
StringTerminateStringAtChar smelly__vx String Manipulation
StringToken Apple (c) 1999 String Manipulation
ZeroMemoryEx ReactOS String Manipulation
AdfCloseHandleOnInvalidAddress Checkpoint Research Anti-debug
AdfIsCreateProcessDebugEventCodeSet Checkpoint Research Anti-debug
AdfOpenProcessOnCsrss Checkpoint Research Anti-debug
CheckRemoteDebuggerPresent2 ReactOS Anti-debug
IsDebuggerPresentEx smelly__vx Anti-debug
IsIntelHardwareBreakpointPresent Checkpoint Research Anti-debug
HashStringDjb2 Dan Bernstein String Hashing
HashStringFowlerNollVoVariant1a Glenn Fowler, Landon Curt Noll, and Kiem-Phong Vo String Hashing
HashStringJenkinsOneAtATime32Bit Bob Jenkins String Hashing
HashStringLoseLose Brian Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie String Hashing
HashStringRotr32 T. Oshiba (1972) String Hashing
HashStringSdbm Ozan Yigit String Hashing
HashStringSuperFastHash Paul Hsieh String Hashing
HashStringUnknownGenericHash1A Unknown String Hashing
HashStringSipHash RistBS String Hashing
HashStringMurmur RistBS String Hashing
CreateMd5HashFromFilePath Microsoft Cryptography Related
CreatePseudoRandomInteger Apple (c) 1999 Cryptography Related
CreatePseudoRandomString smelly__vx Cryptography Related
HashFileByMsiFileHashTable smelly__vx Cryptography Related
GetLastErrorFromTeb smelly__vx Error Handling
GetLastNtStatusFromTeb smelly__vx Error Handling
RtlNtStatusToDosErrorViaImport ReactOS Error Handling
GetLastErrorFromTeb smelly__vx Error Handling
SetLastErrorInTeb smelly__vx Error Handling
SetLastNtStatusInTeb smelly__vx Error Handling
Win32FromHResult Raymond Chen Error Handling
CreateFileFromDsCopyFromSharedFile Jonas Lyk Evasion
CreateProcessFromIHxHelpPaneServer James Forshaw Evasion
CreateProcessFromIHxInteractiveUser James Forshaw Evasion
CreateProcessFromIShellDispatchInvoke Mohamed Fakroud Evasion
CreateProcessFromShellExecuteInExplorerProcess Microsoft Evasion
CreateProcessViaNtCreateUserProcess CaptMeelo Evasion
CreateProcessWithCfGuard smelly__vx and Adam Chester Evasion
DelayedExecutionExecuteOnDisplayOff am0nsec and smelly__vx Evasion
MasqueradePebAsExplorer smelly__vx Evasion
RemoveDllFromPeb rad9800 Evasion
GetCurrentLocaleFromTeb 3xp0rt Fingerprinting
GetNumberOfLinkedDlls smelly__vx Fingerprinting
GetOsBuildNumberFromPeb smelly__vx Fingerprinting
GetOsMajorVersionFromPeb smelly__vx Fingerprinting
GetOsMinorVersionFromPeb smelly__vx Fingerprinting
GetOsPlatformIdFromPeb smelly__vx Fingerprinting
IsNvidiaGraphicsCardPresent smelly__vx Fingerprinting
IsProcessRunning smelly__vx Fingerprinting
IsProcessRunningAsAdmin Vimal Shekar Fingerprinting
GetPidFromNtQuerySystemInformation smelly__vx Fingerprinting
GetPidFromWindowsTerminalService modexp Fingerprinting
GetPidFromWmiComInterface aalimian and modexp Fingerprinting
GetPidFromEnumProcesses smelly__vx Fingerprinting
GetPidFromPidBruteForcing modexp Fingerprinting
GetPidFromNtQueryFileInformation modexp, Lloyd Davies, Jonas Lyk Fingerprinting
GetPidFromPidBruteForcingExW smelly__vx, LLoyd Davies, Jonas Lyk, modexp Fingerprinting
CreateLocalAppDataObjectPath smelly__vx Helper Functions
CreateWindowsObjectPath smelly__vx Helper Functions
DeleteFileWithCreateFileFlag smelly__vx Helper Functions
GetCurrentDirectoryFromUserProcessParameters smelly__vx Helper Functions
GetCurrentProcessIdFromTeb ReactOS Helper Functions
GetCurrentUserSid Giovanni Dicanio Helper Functions
GetCurrentWindowTextFromUserProcessParameter smelly__vx Helper Functions
GetFileSizeFromPath smelly__vx Helper Functions
GetProcessHeapFromTeb smelly__vx Helper Functions
GetProcessPathFromLoaderLoadModule smelly__vx Helper Functions
GetProcessPathFromUserProcessParameters smelly__vx Helper Functions
GetSystemWindowsDirectory Geoff Chappell Helper Functions
IsPathValid smelly__vx Helper Functions
RecursiveFindFile Luke Helper Functions
SetProcessPrivilegeToken Microsoft Helper Functions
IsDllLoaded smelly__vx Helper Functions
TryLoadDllMultiMethod smelly__vx Helper Functions
CreateThreadAndWaitForCompletion smelly__vx Helper Functions
GetProcessBinaryNameFromHwndW smelly__vx Helper Functions
GetByteArrayFromFile smelly__vx Helper Functions
Ex_GetHandleOnDeviceHttpCommunication x86matthew Helper Functions
IsRegistryKeyValid smelly__vx Helper Functions
FastcallExecuteBinaryShellExecuteEx smelly__vx Helper Functions
GetCurrentProcessIdFromOffset RistBS Helper Functions
GetKUserSharedData Geoff Chappell Library Loading
GetModuleHandleEx2 smelly__vx Library Loading
GetPeb 29a Library Loading
GetPebFromTeb ReactOS Library Loading
GetProcAddress 29a Volume 2 Library Loading
GetProcAddressDjb2 smelly__vx Library Loading
GetProcAddressFowlerNollVoVariant1a smelly__vx Library Loading
GetProcAddressJenkinsOneAtATime32Bit smelly__vx Library Loading
GetProcAddressLoseLose smelly__vx Library Loading
GetProcAddressRotr32 smelly__vx Library Loading
GetProcAddressSdbm smelly__vx Library Loading
GetProcAddressSuperFastHash smelly__vx Library Loading
GetProcAddressUnknownGenericHash1 smelly__vx Library Loading
GetProcAddressSipHash RistBS Library Loading
GetProcAddressMurmur RistBS Library Loading
GetRtlUserProcessParameters ReactOS Library Loading
GetTeb ReactOS Library Loading
RtlLoadPeHeaders smelly__vx Library Loading
MpfComModifyShortcutTarget Unknown Malcode
MpfComVssDeleteShadowVolumeBackups am0nsec Malcode
OleGetClipboardData Microsoft Malcode
UacBypassFodHelperMethod Malcode
MpfGetLsaPidFromServiceManager modexp Malcode
MpfGetLsaPidFromRegistry modexp Malcode
MpfGetLsaPidFromNamedPipe modexp Malcode
ShellcodeExecutionViaFunctionCallbackMain alfarom256, aahmad097 Malcode
MpfComMonitorChromeSessionOnce smelly__vx Malcode
MpfExecute64bitPeBinaryInMemoryFromByteArrayNoReloc aaaddress1 Malcode
MpfLolExecuteRemoteBinaryByAppInstaller Wade Hickey Malcode
UrlDownloadToFileSynchronous Hans Passant Networking
ConvertIPv4IpAddressStructureToString smelly__vx Networking
ConvertIPv4StringToUnsignedLong smelly__vx Networking
SendIcmpEchoMessageToIPv4Host smelly__vx Networking
ConvertIPv4IpAddressUnsignedLongToString smelly__vx Networking
DnsGetDomainNameIPv4AddressAsString smelly__vx Networking
DnsGetDomainNameIPv4AddressUnsignedLong smelly__vx Networking
GetDomainNameFromUnsignedLongIPV4Address smelly__vx Networking
GetDomainNameFromIPV4AddressAsString smelly__vx Networking

Todo list

Functionality Author Note
NtMapViewOfSection LSASS modexp N/A
Run PE In Memory with Reloc N/A N/A
IcmpSendEcho2Ex N/A N/A
WQL Win32_Ping Martin Friedrich N/A
Process Injection N/A N/A
More String Manipulation code N/A Continuous Improvement
More hashing algorithms N/A Continuous Improvement


Function Name Note Fixed
StringToken Needs revision, buggy N/A
NtQueryOpenSubKeysEx admin required N/A
ManualResourceDataFetching by Orca Review and complete N/A
MpfComMonitorChromeSessionOnce Usability improvements needed N/A