wifi jammer
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This program listens for beacons sent from wireless access points
in the range of your wireless station. Once received the program
extracts the BSSID of the AP and transmits deauthentication packets
using the broadcast MAC address. This results to the disconnection
of all clients connected to the AP at the time of the attack. This
is essencially a WiFi DoS attack tool created for educational
purposes only. It works only in Linux and requires wireless card
drivers capable of injecting packets in wireless networks.

How to use it: Just run it as root and put as first argument the
card interface. It will automatically put your interface in monitor
mode and it will listen at channel range 1-14. If there is no AP in the
channel, it will change channel every 1 second, or else it will start
the attack which it takes approximately 30 seconds. After that it will
change channel.


    make PREFIX=/usr install

ARM cross-compile:
    make CROSS_COMPILE=arm-none-linux-gnueabi-