Reverse engineered Parler API

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Parler's unofficial API with all endpoints present in their iOS app as of 08/12/2020.

For the most part undocumented, but the error responses are already quite descriptive.

Any endpoint starting with /v3/ is protobuf-based. The .proto files can be found elsewhere.

Use it to solve fun mysteries such as:

  • Is my dad on Parler?
  • Who was on Parler before it first started gaining popularity when Candice Owens tweeted about in December 2018?
  • Which users have administration and moderation rights? (hint: (interactions >> 5) & 1 = moderator, (interactions >> 6) & 1 = admin)
  • What exactly is an "integration partner", and which media entities currently are they?
  • If Parler is really yet to come up with a business model for how to make money, then what exactly is a Campaign Promoter Management Network?
  • How does the payment integration that lets users be financially rewarded for their posts play into that?
  • Whenever John Matze says "influencer marketing" should I really be hearing, "we've created a pavlovian conditioning machine that rewards already gullible people for organically spreading disinformation campaigns"? (most likely)
  • Is Parler really the world's most secure social network? (no)

I rushed this just so I didn't have to stare at ghidra anymore. There might be bugs/typos. Patches welcome.


from parler import Parler

parler = Parler('mst_cookie', 'jst_cookie') # You can also just do the login flow.
parler.user_api.get_profile_for_user(params={'id': 'a078092e6e2df507bfd12db4710202ab'})


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