iMessage chatbot
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<I^_^|> Beep Boop

edgarbot is a chatbot that lives in your imessages!

Inspired by hubot, Edgar is a work in progress that aims to be a programmable chatbot which you and all of your friends can talk to when using imessage.

Edgar works by linking together various bits of information/functionality on your OSX machine:

  • The sqlite DBs that contain all of your imessage data
  • Your contacts from your icloud account NO LONGER!!
  • Applescript's ability to communicate with native apps

Edgar is very much a work in progress but can run on your very own iMessage instance!

  • Clone this repo
  • run "python3"
  • Sent a text to someone saying "@Edgar are you here?"
  • For a full list of commands, text someone "@Edgar what are you?"

Libraries that were used as references:


  • Create Method for implementing new command and regex
    • Create pickled command datastructure for persistent user commands
  • Figure out where group chat handles are stored in the SQLite DB and how to implement sending them with applescript DONE
  • Implement changeable name (but he will always be Edgar in my heart)
  • Catch if multiple people in same chat have edgars, have only one respond to commands.
  • Replicate 'unknown chat' bug that occurs every once in a while... SEEMS TO BE FIXED WITH SWITCH TO PYTHON3