.[d]. decoded

art spam micro botnet logic

Updated 11 months ago

v2 - backup of previous Maple code before Maxwell

Updated 1 year ago

decoded - signed cerberus & public pgpkey

Updated 1 year ago

zdr1p - traversely gens md5sums [ python / rust / golang ]

Updated 1 week ago

[ Hybrid(s) of machine learning and irc3 framework ]

Updated 8 months ago

general purpose bot based on irc3, purpose is to be able to make modules on the fly almost effortlessly.

Updated 1 year ago

rust bot, being used to learn rust

Updated 1 year ago

v3 - backup of Maple code aka Maxwell

Updated 6 months ago

[ tailoring a multiplexor based on pymux ]

Updated 7 months ago

aRT < iRC tXT > aNS bIN > aNSI<3 > pNG < d

Updated 4 months ago

[ clone of gpt4-chan data ]

Updated 9 months ago

[ custom image viewer for my txt2img projects ]

Updated 1 month ago


Updated 1 year ago

logic to be dropped in at a later point, or general tools

Updated 6 months ago

how to setup a tftp server to boot live distros

Updated 1 year ago