Golang API for proxybonanza.com
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import "git.tcp.direct/kayos/proxygonanza"


  1. Getting Started
    1. type APIClient
    2. func NewAPIClient
    3. func NewCustomClient
  2. Functions
    1. func (*APIClient) AddAuthIP
    2. func (*APIClient) AddCurrentIPtoAllPackages
    3. func (*APIClient) DeleteAllAuthIPs
    4. func (*APIClient) DeleteAuthIPByID
    5. func (*APIClient) DeleteAuthIPByIP
    6. func (*APIClient) GetAllSOCKSIPsAndPorts
    7. func (*APIClient) GetAuthIPs
    8. func (*APIClient) GetPackageSOCKS
    9. func (*APIClient) GetProxyPackages
  3. Additional Details

const (
	APIBaseURL = "https://proxybonanza.com/api/v1/"

Getting Started

func NewAPIClient

func NewAPIClient(key string) *APIClient

NewAPIClient instantiates a proxybonanza.com API client with the given key using golang's default http client.

func NewCustomClient

func NewCustomClient(key string, client *http.Client) *APIClient

NewCustomClient insantiates a proxybonanza API client with the given key and the given http.Client.


func (*APIClient) AddAuthIP

func (api *APIClient) AddAuthIP(ip net.IP, packageID int) (AddAuthIPResponse, error)

AddAuthIP adds a new IP to the corresponding/provided proxy package ID.

func (*APIClient) AddCurrentIPtoAllPackages

func (api *APIClient) AddCurrentIPtoAllPackages() (success int)

AddCurrentIPtoAllPackages adds your current WAN IP to all packages on your account. It returns the amount of successful packages that it was applied to.

func (*APIClient) DeleteAllAuthIPs

func (api *APIClient) DeleteAllAuthIPs() (int, error)

DeleteAllAuthIPs deletes all authenticaiton IPs from your account.

func (*APIClient) DeleteAuthIPByID

func (api *APIClient) DeleteAuthIPByID(ipID int) (ok bool)

DeleteAuthIPByID deletes an authentication IP with the matching ID provided

func (*APIClient) DeleteAuthIPByIP

func (api *APIClient) DeleteAuthIPByIP(ipa net.IP) (err error)

DeleteAuthIPByIP will iterate through all the authips on your account and delete one that matches the given IP.

func (*APIClient) GetAllSOCKSIPsAndPorts

func (api *APIClient) GetAllSOCKSIPsAndPorts() ([]string, error)

GetAllSOCKSIPsAndPorts will return a slice of IP:Port formatted proxy strings

func (*APIClient) GetAuthIPs

func (api *APIClient) GetAuthIPs() ([]AuthIP, error)

GetAuthIPs gets all authentication IPs active on your account.

func (*APIClient) GetPackageSOCKS

func (api *APIClient) GetPackageSOCKS(packageid int) ([]string, error)

GetPackageSOCKS returns a specified packages SOCKS5 proxies in host:port format.

func (*APIClient) GetProxyPackages

func (api *APIClient) GetProxyPackages() ([]UserPackage, error)

GetProxyPackages gets current proxy packages from your account.