Interactive CLI for Philips Hue bridges, command line control for smart lighting and other hue compatible zigbee devices.
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Ziggs Demo

There are zigbees in my head.


This tool was only planned as a personal tool for myself, consequently the codebase is pretty messy.

With that being said, it should work fairly well to provide a command line interface for Phillips Hue brudges.

Features and Examples

  • interactive readline shell
    • run go run ./ shell || ziggs shell
  • manage multiple hue bridges at the same time
    • e.g target specific bridge: use ECC0FAFFFED55555
  • control color/saturation/hue/brightness/power per light or per group
    • e.g. group: set group kayos brightness 55
    • e.g. light: set light kayos_lamp off
  • list, delete, and rename for the following targets
    • lights, groups, scenes, rules, schedules
  • create groups
    • e.g: create group bedroom 5 3 2 10
  • specify color by HTML hex colors
    • e.g: set group kayos color #2eebd3
  • set light/group colors dynamically based on CPU load (run second time to turn off)
    • mode 1 - average across all cores: set group kayos cpu
    • mode 2 (group only) cycle through individual lights in group and set based on per-core usage: set group kayos cpu2
  • access firewalled bridge via SOCKS proxy
    • to use this, change the config manually (~/.config/ziggs/config.toml)
  • port scan to find offline (no call home) bridges on LAN
    • see gif above for demonstration
    • config will automatically save when a bridge connection is established
  • trigger firmware updates for bridge and lights manually
    • e.g: upgrade