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Alacritty Colorscheme

Change colorscheme of alacritty with ease.



usage: alacritty-colorscheme [-h] (-s | -l | -a colorscheme | -t colorschemes [colorschemes ...] | -T) [-r] [-c configuration file] [-C colorscheme directory] [-V]

Change colorscheme of alacritty with ease.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -s, --show-applied    Show applied colorscheme
  -l, --list-available  List available colorschemes
  -a colorscheme, --apply colorscheme
                        Apply colorscheme
  -t colorschemes [colorschemes ...], --toggle colorschemes [colorschemes ...]
                        Toggle colorschemes
  -T, --toggle-available
                        Toggle all available colorschemes
  -r, --reverse-toggle  Toggle through colorschemes in reverse order
  -c configuration file, --config-file configuration file
                        Path to configuration file
  -C colorscheme directory, --colorscheme-directory colorscheme directory
                        Path to colorscheme directory
  -V, --base16-vim      Support base16-vim


You can install it from pip:

pip install --user alacritty-colorscheme

Running locally

# Install poetry
pip install --user poetry

# Get program
git clone

# Run program
cd alacritty-colorscheme
poetry install
poetry run python alacritty_colorscheme/

Getting themes

You can get themes from aaron-williamson/base16-alacritty


# Get themes
git clone $DEST

You can alternatively get themes from from eendroroy/alacritty-theme


# Get themes
git clone $DEST

Synchronizing with vim/neovim

If you are using base16 colorschemes from base16-vim, you can use the -V argument to generate ~/.vimrc_background file when you change alacritty colorscheme.

You will need to source the file in your vimrc to load the appropriate colorscheme in vim. Add the following in your vimrc file:

if filereadable(expand("~/.vimrc_background"))
  let base16colorspace=256          " Remove this line if not necessary
  source ~/.vimrc_background

After changing alacritty colorscheme, you need to simply reload your vimrc configuration.

Reloading neovim

If you are using neovim, you can use neovim-remote to reload the nvim sessions externally.

Install neovim-remote:

pip install --user neovim-remote

Reload a neovim session using:

nvr -cc "source ~/.config/nvim/init.vim"

Example bash/zsh configuration (base16-vim + neovim + neovim-remote)

You can add this example configuration in your .zshrc or .bashrc to switch between dark and light theme. This snippet creates two aliases namely: day, night

function reload_nvim {
    for SERVER in $(nvr --serverlist); do
        nvr -cc "source ~/.config/nvim/init.vim" --servername $SERVER &


alias day="alacritty-colorscheme -C $COLOR_DIR -a $LIGHT_COLOR -V && reload_nvim"
alias night="alacritty-colorscheme -C $COLOR_DIR -a $DARK_COLOR -V && reload_nvim"

Example i3wm/sway configuration

set $color_dir $HOME/.aaron-williamson-alacritty-theme/colors
set $light_color base16-gruvbox-light-soft.yml
set $dark_color base16-gruvbox-dark-soft.yml

# Toggle between light and dark colorscheme
bindsym $mod+Shift+n exec alacritty-colorscheme -C $color_dir -t $light_color $dark_color

# Toggle between all available colorscheme
bindsym $mod+Shift+m exec alacritty-colorscheme -C $color_dir -T

# Get notification with current colorscheme
bindsym $mod+Shift+b exec notify-send "Alacritty Colorscheme" `alacritty-colorscheme -C $color_dir -s`


Content of this repository is released under the [Apache License, Version 2.0].

Apache License, Version 2.0