garbage internet robot - modular irc bot written in rust
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Behold G.1.R, the modular IRC bot written in Rust, programmed to be your obedient servant in all your trolling and memeing needs!



  • OpenAI GPT-3 integration: mention G.1.R and he'll respond with AI-generated wisdom (or nonsense, depending on how you see it).
  • Zim-approved: our resident robot has been certified by the Almighty Tallest to bring chaos and destruction to the IRC world.


  • %ping: Send this command to G.1.R and he'll respond back with "pong" and the time it took. Because why not?
  • %kill: Do you hate your bot companion and want to end his miserable existence? Just type this command and he'll self-destruct, leaving you alone with your conscience (and your loneliness).
  • %invade 5 #channel SCREAM: Do you want to summon the Invaders to a specific channel? This command will do just that, plus a chance to let out your deepest screams of despair. 5 being the number of invaders to join!
  • %%scream #channel SCREAM: In case the invaders weren't enough to scare off your enemies, use this command to make them hear your battle cry across the IRC lands.
  • %%join #channel: More bots, more fun! Tell G.1.R to join the party in a specific channel and watch the madness unfold.
  • %%leave #channel: Tired of all the chaos? Use this command to make the bots leave the channel and leave you in peace (or in silence, at least).

Pro tip: When you use the %invade #channel command, G.1.R will set up that channel to be the commander channel, so you can control all the bots from one place and only that place. Talk about efficient invasion tactics!


  • Multi-server invasion: Because why limit our chaos to one server?
  • Proxy support: Because we like to cover our tracks (and we're just a little paranoid).
  • Random IDents: Because who doesn't like to be mysterious?
  • Bridging: To connect different IRC servers and make them fight against each other (because why not?)
  • User logs: To keep track of everyone who dares to challenge the Invaders.
  • User cloning: To create a legion of evil twins that will make everyone's life miserable (or just ours).
  • Console: Because we like to be fancy.
  • Scanner: To find more things to invade and conquer (or just to mess with).
  • Colors: To make our messages look pretty (because aesthetics matter).
  • Multi-bot: Because one bot is never enough.
  • Invader arguments: Because we like to be flexible and customizable.
  • Chat emulators: To trick our enemies into thinking they're talking to real humans (suckers!).
  • Random nicknames for invaders: Because who wants to be called "Bot 1" forever?
  • DM commander: To control the bots from the shadows, like a true mastermind.
  • Key rotation: To avoid API attempts from stopping the invasion.

So what are you waiting for? Join us in our quest for world domination, and let's make Invader Zim proud!