WIP: custom wiki in golang that utilizes git and serves pages with html, markdown, and css support https://tcp.wiki
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What is TCP-WIKI ?

TCP.WIKI is a secure, minimal, and verifiable wiki platform designed for projects, code, courses, documents, articles, blogs, tutorials, and more.

Project Goals

The aim is to provide a secure, minimal, and easily verifiable wiki environment that supports a wide range of content types, from technical documentation, to educational materials, to blogs, and more.


  • Full support for pages in Markdown and HTML

  • Pull from GIT for live updates or usage of local directory

  • No Javascript required


First clone this repository:

git clone https://github.com/vxfemboy/tcp-wiki.git

Then you have to cd into the repo's folder and run/compile:

cd tcp-wiki
go run ./src

Then you goto your browser and visit:

Want to use with your own data?

All you have to do is modify the following lines in the config.toml file:

UseGit = true # Set to false to use LocalPath
RepoURL = "https://github.com/vxfemboy/tcp-wiki.git" # Your Repo Here
Branch = "main" # Your Repo Branch Here
LocalPath = "data" # Directory to clone the git repo too

Change the RepoURL line https://github.com/vxfemboy/tcp-wiki.git to your repo link, change main to your specific repo's branch and you should be good to go!

Want to use a local directory other then git repo?

To do this you just need to set UseGit to false and set your directory in config.toml

UseGit = false # Set this to false 
RepoURL = "" # Ignored
Branch = "" # Ignored
LocalPath = "/home/crazy/blog" # The directory of your project

make sure to also set LocalPath to the directory of your project

Want to use your own theme/layout?

Have a look at the assets/ directory for the template _layout.html this is the main file that will be used

using tailwindscss and daisyui as a css library

to setup this for live modifications do:

cd sass
npm install
npx tailwindcss -i ./tail.css -o ../assets/main.css --watch

and to minify your css for production usage:

npx tailwindcss -o ../assets/main.css --minify

❤️ Feel free to commit, leave suggestions/ideas, issues, or really anything ❤️


  • config file
  • Webhook support for auto pull on push/update of the git repo
  • Git Branch support
  • add a star/upvote/like feature for pages
  • edit/version tracker
    • Author
    • last edited
    • last editor/commit - maybe working
    • PGP Signed & Verification
  • pgp signed intergration
  • comments using bitcask - generated in comments.db/
    • verification - no login pgp
    • captcha
    • sub rating system
    • sort by date etc
    • reply to replies
    • set security controls per page
    • auto refresh on post
  • dynamically generated links for all avaiable pages
    • sitemap - kinda (needs limited)
    • working pages
    • image support