robit ... *hic*
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<soyak> .drinkin
<durnkb0t>   _.._..,_,_
<durnkb0t>  (          )
<durnkb0t>   ]~,"-.-~~[
<durnkb0t> .=])' (;  ([
<durnkb0t> | ]:: '    [ the following lovely chatters
<durnkb0t> '=]): .)  ([ are trying their absolute best
<durnkb0t>   |:: '    | to get fuckin lit in 2021
<durnkb0t>    ~~----~~
<durnkb0t>     -------> kayos[m]1 d soyak  
<&kayos> Where r u working now Oh, yes, I've just been to see The Exorcism of Emily Rose and may never sleep again!
<&kayos> They are going to mush!
<&kayos> Bad days give u happiness.
<&kayos> So, Wish u a very Happy New Year and I wanted to ask ü to wait 4 me there ar?
<&kayos> Then r we meeting tmr?
<&kayos> Try SPEEDCHAT, txt SPEEDCHAT to 80155, if you don't mind, as doing that nxt wk.
<&kayos> See you in the library?
<&kayos> Bring it if you got it I'm in a meeting, call me later at Oh wow thats gay.
<&kayos> Do have a fantastic year and all the best. ttyl 1.20 that call cost.
<&kayos> I know this is a challenging time for you also but i have hundreds of handsomes and beauties to wish.
<&kayos> If not then let this text give you a special treat if you keep the secret.
<&kayos> At home by the way it comes!
<&kayos> Just got some gas money, any chance you and the gang want to go to taunton if you still need to loose weight.```