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this is a test

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decoded - signed cerberus & public pgpkey

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Unspotify is a project that removes advertising, restrictions in the Spotify client on Windows that exist if you do not have a premium.

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fork of ssh for access of stuff

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vAENCpiZ_M marcus is a fast basic web authentication bruteforcer

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v3 - backup of Maple code aka Maxwell

Updated 2 months ago

v2 - backup of previous Maple code before Maxwell

Updated 1 year ago

Golang API for proxybonanza.com

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Mad dope one-liners and Bash shell scripts

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📝 Obsidian theme all milked out

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Go SMTP server library

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robit ... *hic* look i do the things ye?

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fucking javascript

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